Pie Lane began with a simple remark from my Dutch grandmother as she picked up a packet of ‘bindis’ and said they made wonderful stickers.
That was back in 2006, and my parents found a huge gap in the Indian arts and crafts industry- a clear and easy way to learn how to craft.
The ability to take simple materials and transform them into something beautiful is a skill that is not limited to the super creative.
The Pie Lane Studio has taken the initiative to make arts and crafts approachable.
We break it down, make it easy and provide to you a ready-to-use kit complete with photographic instructions.
Pie Lane has become a trendy brand that is associated with thinking-out-of-the-box while being easy-on-the-pocket and making it simple for you to create remains our focus.
The vision has since grown and we have launched OrangeCraft, a line of arts and crafts books specially designed to be used in schools. We hope through this to encourage those children who felt intimidated by picture-perfect art and to allow school children to get away from the pressure of perfection and to show them that there is beauty in rough edges.
The Pie Lane Family strives to inspire lives across the country and we hope to keep reminding you that it’s only difficult until someone shows you how.